We are the world’s first single faculty Medical Student Orchestra. Read our story

Welcome to AUMO!

The Adelaide University Medical Orchestra is the world’s first single faculty Medical Student Orchestra. With a great level of enthusiasm and immense musical talent within the medical school, our own groundbreaking symphonic ensemble was founded in July 2008.

Our artistic style explores a myriad of repertoire, encompassing both classical masterpieces and contemporary works, along with innovative projects formed through arrangements and compositions by our members.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and wherever we can, we share our music with the community, at hospitals and public events. Through our performances, we seek to raise awareness and funds to medical charities that contribute to the well-being of others.

All funds raised from this year's Annual Concert "AUMO Infusion" will go towards purchasing much needed medical supplies for the Tullawon Health Service in the Aboriginal Community of Yalata.

Contact us to make a donation.

Thank you for your support of our cause!

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Messages from Team Orch

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of AUMO's Birthday!

There is so much to look forward in 2013 as we celebrate five explosive years on the concert stage. Five years of meshing music and medicine, fueled by the tireless dedication of medical students. Five years of reaching out to communities in need and lending a helping hand. Five years of infusing the hospital wards with a different kind of medicine. Five years of eclectic ideas and innovations that have taken us far beyond what we first envisaged as a modest student group. Five years through a journey of fun and friendship which we welcome all medical students to be a part of!

This year we rekindle the fiery FUSION of Music and the Arts with Medicine at our massive annual concert - more details to come!

To get in contact if you are interested in joining our ensembles, just email us with:

- Full name
- Year level
- Instrument/voice/dance
- Ensemble(s) you'd like to join
- Contact number

We would love to see you soon!

Upcoming Events

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  • AUMO Prescribes Jazz III – Sunday August 15th

  • Location: The Gov – 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh

    For the very first time this year, AUMO will be presenting an electrifying debut of the Jazz Choir as we call back the AUMO Stage Band by popular demand!

    Bringing to you an enchanting mix of jazz, blues, swing, and pop, the night promises to be a treat and a special way to relax in a busy schedule. Join us at the Gov as we take you on a jazz journey, all in support of the fantastic work at the Florey Medical Research Foundation.

    Buy tickets at the door, or online here
  • Buy tickets online here
  • AUMO Christmas Crew

    December, Hospital sites around Adelaide

    Once again, we will bring festive celebrations to the wards as medical students who love to share music alongside patients, visitors and staff of various hospitals throughout Adelaide over the Christmas period. We love to see our students making an impact in hospitals not only in a medical capacity, but also connecting with patients on a personal level!